Anthony Humphreys vs. Trespass Swift 200 pop-up tent

Over the weekend I was at the Silverstone Classic event with my father and his close friend Anthony Humphreys. The three of us often go to events like this: we’ve attended events in Ireland, the Isle of Man and even France.

For this event, Anthony had purchased a Trespass 200: a new wonder-tent that he proudly proclaimed could erect itself in seconds which would allow him to sit back with a beer while we were still putting ours up. And that’s pretty much what happened. Two days later though when it was time to go home, it was a very different story.

I had watched videos of people struggling with pop-up tents on YouTube some months before and was quietly confident that Anthony was going to experience the same difficulty. So on Sunday morning I packed away my tent and sat on my chair with my phone in-hand ready to capture the impending struggle.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Anthony Humphreys demonstrating how (NOT) to pack a pop-up tent.

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