Nando’s in job applicant data error

On Wednesday the 20th of December at 5.04pm, I received an email from LinkedIn thanking me for posting a job vacancy for an Ecommerce Manager with Nando’s UK in London. The email was addressed to someone who, according to LinkedIn, was an HR Advisor at Nando’s.

My initial thought was that this was some kind of phishing email whereby I was expected to click on a link that took me to a LinkedIn lookalike where I would sign in and hand over my login credentials to some unsavoury characters.

Except that on closer inspection, the email was genuine. It really did come from LinkedIn, and the job vacancy was real. So why did I receive this email?

It seems that the individual who posted the vacancy used an email address that belonged to a domain that I own. I have no idea why. And because I have a rule on that domain redirecting to me all email that is sent to it, the email arrived in my inbox.

I immediately attempted to alert the individual to their mistake on LinkedIn. I couldn’t send them a message directly, so I sent them a connection request and included a short note about this situation.

Frustratingly, they didn’t respond. I then started receiving applications for the role from all around the world. These applications contained names, employment history, contact details and in many cases, CVs.

I broadened my search and found the individual on Twitter where I sent them another message alerting them to the situation. Again, no response. The applications continued to arrive.

By the next day I had the personal details of 17 job applicants in my inbox and still no response from this HR Advisor. I sent them another message on Twitter. Still no response!

By Friday afternoon I had the personal details of 36 applicants in my inbox.

I decided to try a different approach. I called Nando’s customer services team and explained the situation. They simply gave me the number for the HR department which I called 5 times over a period of 2 hours with no answer. I’ve left a voicemail and I’ve also sent them an email. So far though, I am still yet to receive any kind of response from the company or from the individual who posted the ad and the emails are still coming.

So to anyone who applies for this Ecommerce Manager role at Nando’s, I hope you don’t mind me having your personal details because it seems no-one that I can reach at Nando’s is able to resolve this issue, and those who could resolve the issue are unreachable.

My last hope now is to post this article, link to it on Twitter with Nando’s copied in, and let someone within the company escalate it to where it needs to be. Let’s see if that works!

Update: At 7.08pm, approximately 5 hours after I first spoke to customer services, I received an email from a Talent Acquisition Manager at Nando’s who stated that they had resolved the issue and that I should receive no more applications for the above role.

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