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How to use Grub on a dual-boot system with Windows and BitLocker

I recently upgraded my gaming laptop from an MSI G75 Titan (Core i9 with a 1080 GTX) to an ROG Strix Scar 17 (Ryzen 9 with a 3080 RTX).

The Titan is still a great machine though, especially after the SSD and RAM upgrades I’ve given it (6TB and 64GB respectively), and so rather than sell it I decided to make it a dual-boot Windows/Linux desktop replacement laptop for productivity. I could even leave Steam installed on Windows, install it on Linux, and leave a couple of my favourite non-RTX games installed on a shared SSD for a couple of rounds after work.

Since Windows was already installed and, other than games, it was pretty much a clean install, I decided not to bother with a reinstall and instead to just install Linux on one of the other SSDs...

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